Founding Partner

BMAN starts his career in global investment firm Blacksmith Global Ltd. Having a wealth of experience in both secondary market and venture investment, BMAN entered the area of blockchain as early as 2013 as an active investor in early-stage technology companies.

BMAN also has a wide range of entrepreneurial experience. He cofounded Lijiaoshou (Shoujiao Technology, Inc.) in 2015, which was the top marketing content company in China and was acquired by Baidu, Inc. in 2017. Combined with artificial intelligence and big data technology, BMAN has developed Baidu AOD platform and served more than 500,000 business customers.

BMAN served as consultant of dozen Internet listed companies, such as Alibaba, Inc, Lenovo, Inc and Qihoo, Inc, etc. and has accumulated strong relationships with some of the most promising entrepreneurs and top investors in both blockchain and internet industry.

Cody Gao


Cody Gao used to worked in Netease and Baidu. He was once in charge of one of Baidu’s mobile O2O applications.

He attracted extensive attention when he accurately predicted that the bull market of crypto was far from ended in September 2017, despite the fact that the price of Bitcoin had collapsed at that point. Since then, he has accumulated a lot of followers and influence in the crypto market.

As an early supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain, Cody is a proficient secondary market investor of cryptocurrencies and excels in trend-spotting and trend-following.

Moreover, he focuses on making investment bets with potentially high growth and excellent fundamentals to get ahead of market moves, which has allowed him to achieve superior returns during the last three years.

Michelle Fang

Vice President

Michelle graduated from Beijing University, and previously worked at Google, LVMH, and European private equity firm Butler Capital Partners.

Michelle is also co-founder of an AR start-up, which is a leading technology provider for AR devices, and is generating millions of dollars in revenue every year. It received $10 million funding from Sequoia China and other venture capitals.

Michelle has years of experiences in growth-stage investments, PR, and marketing. She has a successful track record as a private investor in cryptocurrencies in 2016 and 2017.

Jia Tian

Chief Scientist

Acquired BS/MS degree from dept. CS&T, Tsinghua University. Major in distributed systems.

Jia Tian has served as senior dev at Baidu, Inc. and Alibaba, Inc. During the period he has developed large scale computer systems including the technology behind, supporting >100 million page views per day, and large scale recommendation systems.

Jia Tian is also a serial entrepreneur. He has joined the founding team of several companies focusing in AI and related areas. The first company Wolongyun has been acquired by Alibaba, Inc. Then he has joined the beijing machine learning information technology company as CTO, designed and built AI systems including recsys, chatbot, medical image recognition system. After that he has joined to build an autonomous driving system, invested by Sequoia and IDG in angel round.

Jia Tian serves as the Chief Scientist in, a bitcoin fund dedicated in supporting the bitcoin community since 2013, founded by Xiaolai Li. Jia Tian is also advisor to multiple blockchain tech startups.